Frequently Asked Questions

What is your philosophy on investing?

We live in an uncertain world. Gone are the days of ?buy-and-hold.? At Womack Investment Advisers, we believe you should have several buckets of money, each providing for their stated goals. A portion of your investments should be allocated to ?non-correlated? strategies designed to provide potentially better?diversification and the potential to protect your assets in extreme market conditions. You should also have a portion of investments that can exit the markets when things begin to turn down and enter the markets when they are more favorable.

What areas do you specialize in?

We specialize in financial plan construction and coordination of that plan?s implementation, estate design and settlement, and investment management.

Are you affiliated with a broker/dealer?

No. Womack Investment Advisers is an independent firm. Additionally, we do not receive any business, fees, or other benefits from professionals and sales agents that we may refer you to.

Do you charge for an initial consultation?

No. We do conduct an initial brief phone review to determine if you could benefit from our services and whether or not an initial consultation would be mutually beneficial. If we proceed, there is no initial charge.

How are you compensated?

Womack Investment Advisers is a fee-only investment advisor. Compensation comes by way of advisory fees based upon the services provided, whether it is hourly or asset-based. We do not receive commission, but additional compensation may apply in the form of commissions for the purchase of fixed insurance products. The fees, charges, and expenses related to these products are outlined in our ADV, Part 2A.

How are you able to offer insurance products?

We are licensed for insurance products and offer insurance brokerage services through Womack Investment Advisers, which acts as a general agency for several insurance companies. There are no quota requirements. We act as independent agents on any insurance product through the general agency. We can also provide no-load, fee-only insurance products through our company.

Where is Womack Investment Advisers registered?

Womack Investment Advisers, Inc. is a registered Investment Adviser whose principal office is located in Oklahoma, with an additional office in California. Womack Investment Advisers, Inc. is also registered in the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Texas. We only transact business in states where we are properly registered, excluded, or exempted from registration requirements.

What documentation will your firm provide me?

We provide all clients with our Disclosure Document Form ADV Part 2A, as well as a written client engagement agreement..

Who will work with me?

You will work with a financial planner and an assistant. The same individuals will review your financial situation and provide continuous personalized service.

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We cover the basics about our firm and the way we handle your money in the FAQs above. However, if you have additional questions that we haven?t covered, please feel free to check out our blog page, our educational videos page, or give our office a call at 405-340-1717.

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